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“A Current of Narratives” – Now Published!

After seven months of photo shooting ( and writing, and countless copy-editing in between, the coffee table book is NOW out!  

“Muslim Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago: A Current of Narratives” presents a panoramic tableau of the rich culture of the Southern Philippines as shaped by the customs and traditions of its people. It leads us through an exploration of the life-giving waterways that abound in Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago; waterways that, for centuries, have connected the peoples of the region, borne witness to their struggles and hardships, and enriched their narratives and dreams.


* Water, Blood and Kinship

* Flow of the Currents

* Islamic Culture and Art in the Philippines

* Muslim Folklore and Traditions

* Dance and Music: Performing Arts in Southern Philippines

* Culinary Culture of the Southern Philippines

* Nourishing with the Water of Life

Contributing Authors:

* Julkipli Wadi

* Ligaya Fernando-Amilbangsa

* Michaela Fenix

* Mansoor L. Limba

* Nagasura T. Madale

* Datu Shariff Pendatun

Photographer: Jacob Maentz

Pre-order your copy now at ArtPostAsia, Inc. ( |!  

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Video – What is Palendag?

What is palendag? What does it literally mean? What is the secret behind its melancholic sound?

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Photoshoots for a Book Project

Pictorial glimpses of childhood and innocence while taking photoshoots for an upcoming coffee table book project on the connectivity of waters, peoples and cultures in Muslim Mindanao.

“Like the Simorg in Fariduddin al-‘Attar’s ‘Mantiq al-Tayr,’ the Sarimanok will rise and soar high again by means of knowing its true self,” said Orak as he’s looking through the window.

Daughter of a Yakan textile weaver, this small girl was requested to perform Pangalay (“Pakiringa-pakiring”) dance for which she received some money from the spectators. After the performance I asked her for a selfie which she gladly accepted with a smile. Thereafter, I whispered to her, “Let’s divide the money you have collected between us two, okay?” She just stealthily left me – without any smile anymore. 

Learning how to play the kulintang ideally begins at childhood.

A visage of childhood and innocence.

The photographer – professional or not – is truly an unsung heroine of events and occasions. She’s a gallant warrior whose formidable weapons are camera lenses and right angles. She’s a zealous missionary whose lofty mission is to capture non-retractable moments and instances in our lives. She is an ardent lover who is infatuated with imagery, enamored by panorama, and enchanted by vista. Her favorite serenade is “Ready, one, two, click!”
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