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Battered Child? | Kids in the Neighborhood

Is he a battered child, or a defiant one? Watch for yourself…

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My Umbrella! | Kids in the Neighborhood

Little Dos wants to get an umbrella. Will he be able to get?

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Little Heydar’s New Lesson

Remember Heydar – my new teacher? Today, he has taught me another very important lesson. Or, to be more appropriate, he has reminded me of the said life lesson.

As you may recall in his previous video, he has just learned how to walk.

For Little Heydar, barely knowing how to walk is not enough. He feels the need or urge to walk and walk more. So, he tries to walk… And walk and walk…

Trying to improve the skill of walking, qualitatively and quantitatively…

Little Heydar is striving to walk steadfastly in a longer distance and sometimes, even by running…

Lesson in life? Learning a skill is not enough. You need to hone your skill by repetition. Repetition is the key.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

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