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Sha’ban Tawashih

Formed according to Arabic language rules and rarely encountered in English texts, “tawashiḥ” is a plural form of the Arabic word “muwashshaḥ” which literally means “girdled”. Another plural form of “muwashshaḥ” is “muwashshaḥāt” which is the most commonly encountered in English texts, the other being “muwashshaḥs,” which is formed according to English language rules.

Tawashiḥ is an Arabic ode, or short poetical composition proper to be sung or set to music. Especially now, it is a lyric poem characterized by sustained noble sentiment and appropriate dignity of style. It is a multi-lined strophic verse poem, generally of five stanzas alternating with a refrain.

Sha‘bān, meanwhile, is the eighth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and the last lunar month before the fasting month of Ramaḍān. It is associated, among other things, with humanity’s innate yearning for the ultimate reign of the universal government of justice and peace in the world.

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