Discursive Theology (Volumes 1-2)

Discursive Theology, volumes 1-2

Discursive Theology, volumes 1-2


‘Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani, DISCURSIVE THEOLOGY, Volume 1, trans. Mansoor Limba (Manila: AIF, 2013), pp. 310. Price: US$16.

‘Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani, DISCURSIVE THEOLOGY, Volume 2, trans. Mansoor Limba (Manila: AIF, 2015), pp. 368. Price: US$16.

About the Book:
Islamic theology is nourished by two sources, viz. reason (‘aql) and revelation (wahyi). Firstly, by citing axiomatic and definitive principles, reason proves the existence, knowledge, power, and wisdom of God, and on the basis of these rational theological doctrines, it also establishes the necessity for revelation and the infallibility of the prophets. And through revelation and prophethood (nubuwwah), it recognizes anew all the spiritual doctrines. Once again, by utilizing logical thinking, it embarks on elucidating and reinforcing those doctrines. On this basis, although Islamic theology is also anchored in revealed (wahyānī) texts and facts, it utilizes the method of reflection and intellection in all cases, because through a certain medium revealed facts are also traceable to rational principles and foundations.

It deals with a set of ideological and scholastic questions based upon Islamic theology. While reason and revelation (the Qur’an and Sunnah) have been the final reference and arbiter in decisions and evaluations, the ideas and opinions of Muslim thinkers have been amply utilized. With the aim of knowing the truth and exemplifying honest scholarship, the sources and references of the views and opinions of others have been cited and sometimes, their names or titles are even mentioned in the text or footnote.

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